3 Cool Facts About Parrotfish (And Why They Should Be Protected!)

3 Cool Facts About Parrotfish (And Why They Should Be Protected!)

Parrotfish - the unsung heroes of the ocean. Sort of.

Parrotfish are very common around the world and are often viewed as less interesting than turtles or eagle rays. Granted, you see a lot of them on a dive so they’re not exactly rare, but did you know that parrotfish have some pretty cool superpowers?

To show these important and under-appreciated animals some love, check out our 3 Cool Facts About Parrotfish, and see why they, and other herbivorous fish in the Caribbean, are so important for our reef!

5 Cool Facts about Turtles for World Turtle Day

Happy World Turtle Day!

Let's face it, who doesn't like turtles? That's probably what gets requested the most from our divers, and with a well-protected marine park, it's very easy to deliver. Turtles are interesting animals, with personalities and fun quirks, so what are 5 Cool Facts that you should know about turtles today?

The Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide

Whenever you visit somewhere new (or even at home), it's important to think about responsible consumption when you're making your dining choices. The Bay Islands developed a helpful visual guide to point out which fish in these waters that are the best options and which are ones that should be avoided. Have a look before you dig in!