Roatan Divers Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing to dive with Roatan Divers! We are looking forward to diving with you, and we hope you enjoy the high quality service and fantastic diving that Roatan Divers and Roatan are known for.

To ensure a smooth holiday with us, please read through the following terms and conditions prior to your arrival.

Payment Guidelines

  • Final payments may be made in cash (US dollars or Honduran lempiras) or by all major credit cards for a supplement.

    • We offer a 5% discount if you pay by cash.

    • Credit cards may be processed in Honduran lempiras based on the day's exchange rate.

    • US dollars must be clean and without tears - most businesses on Roatan cannot accept ripped US bills.

    • Change is difficult to come by, so please make sure to bring smaller bills with you.

  • Tips cannot be processed on credit card, so please allocate cash accordingly.

  • ATMs on Roatan are not reliable, so please do not count on them to pull out money. At most, you will be able to pull out $200 at a time in local currency.

  • Donations to the Roatan Marine Park by credit card will have 15% tax and 3% processing fee added.

Cancellation Policy

  • Your deposit is refundable up to two weeks prior to your arrival. Deposit will not be refunded if you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to arrival.

  • Same day cancellations of a dive will be charged the full price of the dive.

  • Changes in pre-booked diving schedule must be made 24 hours prior to the dives and are dependent on availability.

PADI Courses Conditions

  • While we try to be flexible with course changes based on availability, we cannot guarantee a schedule change on arrival due to staff availability and boat space.

  • If a student does not show up for their scheduled course time, we cannot guarantee additional available days to compensate.

  • All PADI courses are performance based and dependent on satisfactorily completing performance requirements. If performance requirements are not met, course fees will not be refunded.

Shop Guidelines

  • We offer water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and ice tea between dives. While we do not offer snacks between dives, we have many small shops and restaurants close by that you can purchase food from during your surface intervals.

  • We do not provide swimsuits or towels, so please make sure to bring your own.

  • We have lockers at the dive center for personal possessions. These lockers are unlocked but are monitored by security cameras.

  • Please avoid purchasing disposable plastics (bags and water bottles). Bringing a reusable water bottle and bag will help reduce waste on the island.