Roatan Divers goes 100% AWARE

Roatan Divers and Roatan Divers Sandy Bay are proud to announce that we are now 100% AWARE!

What is Project AWARE?
(Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education)

100% AWARE Roatan Divers Sandy Bay

Project AWARE is a conservation organization initiated by PADI in the late 1980s to face environmental issues on a local and international level. Not only do they work with dive centers to run programs like Dive Against Debris and promote beach and reef clean-ups, they have also helped push through legislation protecting marine species like sharks and rays. Project AWARE has helped develop PADI specialties like Project AWARE, Coral Reef Conservation and Dive Against Debris to teach divers about environmentally conscious dive practices, and campaigned for reef monitoring with programs like Adopt a Dive Site.

What is 100% AWARE?

100% AWARE Roatan Divers

Roatan Divers is the only dive center in West End that is 100% AWARE. As a 100% AWARE operation, we pass the benefits on to you!

Roatan Divers and Roatan Divers Sandy Bay make a monthly donation to support Project AWARE’s worldwide conservation efforts. As such, all of our PADI certifications are processed as Project AWARE certification cards, so you get to have an exclusive card background with a shark or manta (as seen above) that identifies you as a supporter of Project AWARE, at no extra cost to you! Of course, if you’d still like to make an additional donation to Project AWARE, we encourage you to do so.

To further increase our commitment to Project AWARE and marine conservation, we will be offering more Dive Against Debris dives, adopting Saaya’s in our Adopt a Dive Site program for coral health and debris monitoring, and pushing more Project AWARE specialties for our divers.

We are super excited for this new partnership and are looking forward to further representing Project AWARE in the Bay Islands.

100% AWARE Roatan Divers

Want to learn more about Project AWARE, or get specialty certified in one of Project AWARE’s awesome specialties? We will be offering Project AWARE or Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation specialties for just a $50 supplement to your PADI Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver or Rescue Diver course, including Project AWARE seminar, one dive and certification fee. If you’d like to add Project AWARE to a fun diving package, we offer the Project AWARE course for a $60 upgrade to your dive package. Earn a PADI specialty while having fun, and learning about how you can become an advocate for the underwater world!