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Why We Love Mares Dive Equipment

Why We Love Mares Dive Equipment

Dive equipment can say a lot about a dive center. When equipment visually looks worn and tattered it might also speak to the care and maintenance that equipment may or may not have received in its lifetime. At Roatan Divers, we replace our rental BCD's every 1 to 2 years, not because we need to, but because we take pride in offering top-notch equipment to our divers. When prospective divers ask to see our equipment, we're always happy to oblige them.  

3 Roatan Sites You Should Dive on Nitrox

Enriched air contains a higher oxygen content and lower nitrogen content air does, giving a diver the ability to extend their no-decompression limit (or dive time). For a few of our dive sites, given their topography and depth, we find it more enjoyable to dive on enriched air Nitrox (EANx32).

Am I Ready To Do My PADI Advanced Open Water Course?

For many Open Water Divers, the Advanced Open Water course can seem like an elusive or possibly intimidating certification. Do I have what it takes to be an advanced diver, and why should I even take a course like this?

Fear not, diving friends! Let's shed some light on what it takes to complete your PADI Advanced Open Water course. 

Let's Try Scuba Diving!

You love the ocean and enjoy snorkeling. Sometimes, though, you wish you could get a little closer to the reef and all the fish, and you could do with a less less salt water in your snorkel. You've heard that it takes a few days to get your scuba certification, and you're just not sure you're ready to take such a big step. What options do you have?

5 Surefire Ways to be a Scuba Beauty

Let's face it, scuba diving is not the most glamorous sport. I don't know who decided that sexy was the way to go in all those scuba equipment ads in the magazines, but it is a big fat lie. Mask marks, snot on your face and a saggy wetsuit is what defines a true diver.

Tips for Maintaining Scuba Cylinder Health

Out of all your scuba diving equipment, your scuba cylinder is the unsung hero of it all. We have a tendency to focus on the quality and maintenance of the wetsuits, BCDs and regulators of wherever we go diving, but not on the most important feature of your scuba equipment, and your lifeline.

5 Ways to Weight Yourself Perfectly for Scuba Diving

One of the first questions we ask all of our divers when they checked in is, "How many weights do you need?". It's so important to keep track of your weighting to make each dive, wherever you go, as easy and relaxing as possible.