5 Surefire Ways to be a Scuba Beauty

Let's face it, scuba diving is not the most glamorous sport. I don't know who decided that sexy was the way to go in all those scuba equipment ads in the magazines, but it is a big fat lie. Mask marks, snot on your face and a saggy wetsuit is what defines a true diver.

There are, however, some ways that we can come out of our dives not looking like the Tasmanian Devil. So ladies, I give you Five Surefire Ways to be a Scuba Beauty!

Tip 1. Keep your hair back with a headband or hoods

There's nothing worse than getting your hair snagged in your mask strap or having it floating all around your face. Headbands are cheap and something you can find anywhere. Preferably go for a thick headband so that it doesn't slide around as much, or there are some headbands specifically designed for swimming and scuba diving that are made from more durable materials, like silicone.

For hairstyles, braids seems to be the best option to avoid your hair from going all over the place. You can do a french braid and not need a headband at all, or use a headband and braid your hair normally.

Another option is to wear a hood. That way, all your hair is contained and you don't have to worry at all! If you're worried about feeling constricted, opt for a thin "beginner" hood instead of a neoprene one.

Tip 2. Soak your hair in fresh water before your dive

Our hair is porous, and that's one of the reasons that salt water wreaks such havoc on your hair, because the salt water soaks in completely. If you soak or rinse your hair in fresh water before you go diving, your hair will be maxed out on what it can absorb, so the salt water won't be able to soak into your hair. It won't prevent of salt water damage completely, but it will certainly limit the damage!

Tip 3. Rinse your hair with fresh water right after you dive

You don't even have to use conditioner, just make sure to rinse your hair with fresh water after you dive. If there are no showers or hoses available after your dive, then you can even use your water bottle as an impromptu shower as well. Rinsing the salt water off as soon as possible will help prevent damage.

On the plus side, salt water in your hair means that your hair will start to bleach, so if you're going for a lighter look, this is certainly an au naturel way to do it!

Tip 4. Waterproof is your friend

I wouldn't advise wearing make-up when you dive because it's all just going to come off, but if you have to wear make-up, please go for waterproof options. Your eyes may look lovely and lined before the dive, but you're just going to end up looking like a panda afterwards.

In general, I would advise against foundation, concealer, blush and lipstick, even if they're waterproof. The foundation will just end up all over your mask, so you'll have a weird, make-up-less circle around your eyes where it's come off, and you'll have more lipstick on your mouthpiece than on your lips.

Tip 5. Don't worry, be happy!

We're all going to have bad hair or skin days, even when we're not diving. We're going to have nights that we didn't get enough sleep, or our noses are runny. It happens.

The best thing about diving is that we're all in the same boat (figuratively speaking). When we're diving, all of us, no matter what, are going to come up with snot all over our faces and salt water in our mouths. Don't worry about how you look, just focus on how you feel and how awesome that dive was and how accomplished you feel. That's the key to making you a true Scuba Beauty!