The Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide

Whenever you visit somewhere new (or even at home), it's important to think about responsible consumption when making your dining choices. Overfishing has run many of the waters around the world dry, and responsible seafood recommendations have been put in place all around the world to help combat, or at least slow, the killing of our marine ecosystem.

The Bay Islands developed a helpful visual guide to identify which fish make the best options and which ones should be avoided. Let's have a look before you dig in at the dinner table! 

Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide

From the Best Choices list, the fish we enjoy eating and frequently find are responsibly fished here in Roatan are: 

When you are dining out here in Roatan, look for this visual guide which is proudly on display at many local restaurants. Tuna is a great example of a popular and plentiful fish here, but in other parts of the world is sadly often overfished. Keep in mind, a fish that might be a responsible choice in some areas might NOT be in other geographic areas. It really can vary. 

We caution or discourage guests from the following items that are commonly poached, caught illegally, overfished, or caught without meeting the proper restrictions.

  • Conch

  • Lobster (Only in season from July through February)

  • Snapper

  • Grouper 

Below you will find a detailed guide with more information and learn how you can get involved. Without the demand for fish that are at risk, there will be no supply! Please think how you can help protect Roatan's local fish populations by sharing this with others and making responsible seafood choices when you dine out. 

Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide

Eat More Lionfish

Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide Lionfish

We couldn't resist the opportunity to encourage our seafood enthusiasts to give this tasty fish a chance. The fillet is not very oily or fishy tasting, so there is a lot of variety for how it can be prepared and the flavors you can enjoy!

Interested in hunting lionfish to help bring this invasive species directly to your plate at home? Learn how you can obtain a Bay Islands Lionfish Spearing License from the Roatan Marine Park's Invasive Lionfish Control Program.