Roatan Divers Goes Greener: Rental Reusable Containers

As divers, it's our responsibility to approach our business and life from a conservation-minded standpoint. After joining Go Blue Central America this year, we were inspired to create a more positive impact on the environment and support sustainability. While we have worked to minimize our water consumption and increase environmental awareness this season, we will be enacting some bigger initiatives to go even greener for next season.

One idea we have for next season is to have a supply of reusable containers available for guests to rent so that we can minimize styrofoam consumption. If you know you're going to go get takeaway food for lunch or want to bring your own lunch to the dive center, you can rent takeaway containers from us, and return them when you're done.

The reusable containers will be microwavable. If you're getting takeaway food for breakfast, you can take a container home the night before, or just grab one before you go get lunch. You can rent the boxes for a day or for your entire stay, it's totally up to you! We only ask that you return the boxes clean and in the same condition that you got them. We'll have a sign-in sheet to keep track of how many boxes and bags you have so that we get the same number back at the end of your use.

We're looking into the 28 to 32 oz range for optimal food storage! [boxes by Simple Houseware]

We're looking into the 28 to 32 oz range for optimal food storage! [boxes by Simple Houseware]

It will be a $5 deposit to rent and you can use the items as many times as you want. If you break it, you buy it (we keep the $5), but if you return it unscathed and clean, you'll get your $5 deposit back. Not bad, right?

We hope you're as keen on this new initiative as we are! Every little bit helps, and having a more compact container is certainly easier than those big, ungainly styrofoam containers, and there's less spillage to worry about, too! We hope all of you will support our new initiatives and help Roatan Divers go green!