The Importance of Mangroves

The Roatan Marine Park shared a great video on their Facebook page about the importance of mangroves, which we thought was a great foray to discuss the importance of mangroves, both to Roatan and to anywhere they exist, to all of you.

Mangroves are very important because they are both a source of protection and nurturing. Mangroves protect the coastline from erosion and storms, and are a haven for juvenile fish to spend their lives in before they go out to sea. Mangroves are cut down all over the world to pave the way for beachfront properties and sandy beaches without thought to the long term consequences, and even just on Roatan, we’ve seen the damaging effects of losing our mangrove forests.

Furthermore, mangroves may be the key to battle climate change. Mangroves store carbon dioxide under their roots and pump out a massive amount of oxygen, making them a vital part of the planet’s future.

The Roatan Marine Park’s work is not limited to just under the sea. They have taken over mangrove protection and re-plantation for the island of Roatan, and we’re looking forward to seeing more and more mangroves make their way back to where they belong. Mangroves are beautiful and necessary, and for our island to thrive, they must be allowed to protect our coasts, coral and marine life.

Remember to support the Roatan Marine Park so that they can continue the important work that they do. You can get daily tickets for $3 or yearly bracelets for $10, with all proceeds going towards the good work that the Roatan Marine Park does.