Top Sites Roatan - The Seamounts of Cayos Cochinos

Do you love diving in Roatan, have you been to all the best dive sites the island has to offer? We doubt that as there are just too many. However there are still some that are less frequented than others. The seamounts of Cayos Cochinos (a deep reef formed by underwater mountain ranges) called Roatan Banks, which is located halfway between Roatan and Cayos Cochinos (a group of islands located between Roatan and the mainland of Honduras). This is a relatively unexplored area and you are basically guaranteed a fantastic dive, with loads of fish, current, and amazing, healthy, vibrant coral. We’ve been lucky enough to spot sharks and massive eagle rays, as well as large schools of creole wrasse, southern sennet and horse-eye jack.

The seamounts of Cayos Cochinos are a special two-tank trip that will leave you in awe. As the seamounts are located 18 miles off the point of Roatan, the trip is very weather dependent, but it's an awesome trip and an incredible experience. We do two dives out at the seamounts and go fishing during the surface interval, so there's a good chance for fresh sashimi between dives. This is the one trip where we don't stick to a strict time schedule, so if the fishing is good or a whaleshark , or or a pod of dolphins pops up we are there to enjoy it! The trip normally heads out around 8:00AM, and we are back some time between 1:30 and 2PM.

The seamounts trip is $110 for a two-tank trip, including the first dive on Enriched Air Nitrox if you're certified for it. We take minimum 4 people, maximum eight, but believe us, it's really easy to get that together. The seamounts can have strong currents, so you need to be an advanced diver for this trip. Check out UMI Productions' video for the seamounts of Cayos Cochinos, as well as their videos for the other dive sites we have to offer, and start planning your trip to Roatan!