While we have over 40 dive sites within a 15 minute boat ride from our base in West End, the Bay Islands offer some amazing specialty diving as well. Our largest boat, Sága, has been designed and built with specialty trips in mind, allowing us to speed out to far away locations while ensuring your comfort during the surface interval.

Seamounts of Cayos Cochinos

These seamounts, located 18 miles off Roatan’s western point, are lush with healthy soft coral and big schools of fish. If you’re looking for pelagic life, this is the place to go! Enjoy two dives out at the seamounts, with ice water, fruit and fresh-caught fish between dives.

8AM – 1PM, $40 supplement including ice water, fruit and fresh-caught fish



Want to go whale shark spotting or dive Utila without having to pack up and move there? We offer special two-tank trips to Utila, with ice water, fruit and snorkeling (hopefully with some nice pelagic creatures!) between dives.

8AM – 3PM, $65 supplement including ice water, fruit, fresh-caught fish and lunch


Pigeon Cay

Head east for a day of fun in the sun! Start your morning with one of our great eastern dive sites, like Morat Wall, before stopping for lunch and snorkeling on Pigeon Cay’s secluded beaches. Have a dive on the way back for a fun-filled three-tank day!

8AM – 4PM, $120 supplement including ice water, fruit and lunch


Are you interested in a private boat charter? We offer that, too!

Have the boat all to yourself for any of our local trips or charters to special destinations for a supplemental rate.
Contact us to help you plan the exclusive holiday of your dreams today!