Our locations in West End and Sandy Bay gives us easy access to over 60 dive sites on the northwest coast of Roatan. But what if you could experience even more of Roatan?

Roatan Divers is proud to be partnered with Wikkid Divers, a beautiful boutique dive resort located on the south side of the island. For days when we have northern winds or special charter trips, this unique and exclusive partnership allows us to offer high quality facilities and service from both sides of the island so that you are always guaranteed the Roatan Divers experience.

Tobri Divers Resort Roatan Divers


Our exclusive partnership means that you won't be shoulder to shoulder with other dive centers on a bustling dock on south side days, and with a 5 room occupancy, Wikkid Divers operates under the same mantra as we do of personalized service and care.
Resort facilities available to our divers include hot coffee, water, bathroom, outdoor shower, changing area, lockers and a shaded lounge area. You can even order a delicious lunch to be waiting for you after the 11:30AM dive in the resort's spacious dining room.


Tobri Divers Resort Roatan Divers

South Side Diving Days

On days that we have northern winds and it's too rough to dive out of our base in West End, we can move our boats around to Wikkid Divers and offer our regular diving schedule on the south side of the island. We will drive you 25 minutes by car to the resort, before departing from the resort by boat to the south side's amazing dive sites. Spend your surface intervals lounging on the dock or by the pool. Perfection!
Do you need to do confined water work for a course? Tobri Divers Resort's pool makes it easy to continue your course work, even on those rough days.


Tobri Divers Resort Roatan Divers

Special Charter Trips

While we have over 60 dive sites within a 15 minute boat ride from our shops in West End and Sandy Bay, the south side provides different topographies and sights, and may be of interest to you. For those looking to explore both sides of the island, we can plan special charter trips to the south side for a supplemental charge, where famous dive sites like Garden of Eden, Insidious Reef, Lita's Hole and Mary's Place dot the coast. After two dives in the morning, we can stop at the resort for a hot lunch before heading home on an afternoon dive.