South Side Diving!

The northwest coast of Roatan is fortunate in many ways. We have a ton of dive sites and moorings to choose from due to the hard work of the Roatan Marine Park, and unless the wind is coming directly from the northwest, which is rare, we have beautiful, flat calm seas to dive from. We have big schools of fish, turtles, rays, lobsters, and a variety of topographies to match the wants and needs of all of our divers, novices and experienced alike.

Roatan Divers windy day

Sometimes, though, the wind can come from the northwest and it's not so easy to dive from this coast. On those days, what do we do?

South side diving, of course!

Don't worry if it's rough on the north side of the island! When it's rough on the north side, the south side is flat calm and the diving is beautiful. Just like the north side of the island, there are many dive sites to choose from to fit all of our scuba diving needs. If it's raining, no problem! You're going to get wet anyways, so you might as well hang out with the fish while you're at it.

Roatan Divers south side diving

So come on down and enjoy the scuba diving on Roatan! Whatever the day, whatever the coast, you'll always have a great day with us!