First Look: Sága

She's been in the works for some time now, but we are thrilled to finally share with you a sneak peek at our newest custom built boat, Sága. This is the third custom built boat Roatan Divers has designed and we think she is going to be a true one-of-a-kind. 

We have taken some of the best elements from our first two boats, Manami and Rán, and incorporated them into a new and improved creation. As with our other boats, construction for Sága has entirely taken place here on the island, giving us the ability to closely monitor her development and help support local business.
Sitting at 37 feet long, her hull is shaped in a deep-V. This deep-V shape and her two brand new Yamaha 200hp engines gives her the ability to effortlessly slice through the water so that we can provide a smooth ride to our guests even on a windy or choppy day. She is built with 32 tank holders and loads of bench space, allowing us to comfortably run one, two or three tank trips. She will have a fresh water hose to rinse yourself or your camera down immediately and will be largely covered by a custom built aluminum roof, along with a fabulous custom aluminum ladder.

Why Sága?

Like her two predecessors, Sága was designed entirely by Karl and Saaya. In keeping with our naming custom, we wanted her to have a name that would mean something in both Swedish and Japanese, so we named her after the Norse goddess, Sága, a seeress and goddess of poetry and history who dwells by the river of time (water themed, yo).  性 can mean one's nature or destiny in Japanese, and is a rockin' prefecture with a rockin' theme song in Japan as well (#hanawa)! 
And, of course, a saga is a long tale, and considering that we've spent 32 of our 39 months on this island building our three boats, it has indeed been a long journey to get to the end of this trilogy.

Sága will join Rán next week as part of the Roatan Divers fleet. We sadly parted ways with our first boat, Manami, to make room for Sága, but she now belongs to a good friend who gave us visitation rights, and we often get to see her cruising the open seas.

Arriving just in time for busy season, this new boat will allow us to provide our guests with ample boat space for both small and larger parties (including dive clubs). We can't wait to show her off when she is in the water, but for now we hope you are feeling the excitement like we are! For more information regarding diving with us, please contact us and we'd be happy to help you plan the best vacation ever!