Tuyen, Alex & Graham are PADI Open Water Divers!

Congratulations to Tuyen, Alex & Graham for completing their PADI Open Water Diver course through e-Learning with Roatan Divers!

roatan padi open water diver course

Alex, Tuyen & Graham are here visiting from California and are no strangers to watersports and activities! They wanted to maximize their vacation time here on the island, so they chose to complete all their dive knowledge and theory by completing their e-Learning. This allowed them to start honing in their dive skills by practicing in shallow water right away. After building up some confidence and getting comfortable it was time to go diving! On their dives they saw loads of schools of fish, turtles and other marine creatures both big and small. Graham, Tuyen & Alex were attentive and inquisitive students who loved learning all about what it takes to be a good, responsible diver. They enjoyed their course so much, they are doing some additional fun dives and even going on their very first night dive! This will later help them count it as credit towards their Advanced Open Water course.  

We were thrilled when Alex shared with us his interest in sharing his new passion for scuba diving and the reef with others his age. For an upcoming project at school Alex has the idea to share with his classmates, photos and videos he captured while here on the Mesoamerican reef. Alex love for the ocean includes going surfing back home in California and has been snorkeling in the warm waters of Bali so we're happy he now has a fondness for our beautiful reef as well! We think it's extremely crucial for youth Alex's age to have an interest in our planet's reefs so we are so eager to see what inventive and creative way he will share with his fellow students what he has seen and learned about our majestic underwater world. 

Keep diving and exploring Tuyen, Alex & Graham!