Sheena & Shaira are PADI Advanced Open Water Divers!

Congratulations to Sheena & Shaira for completing their PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course with Roatan Divers!

Sheena & Shira were here visiting Roatan from New York and we're so excited to go diving as much as they could on this holiday. Shira wanted to finish her Advanced course, since she was nearly there having completed 4 of her 5 Adventure Dives and Sheena was ready to do hers as well. After starting out their dive trip with some fun dives to get comfortable in the water, it was time to do some studying! Thankfully the Advanced course doesn't require too much intensive reading so we broke up the course over several days, but Shaira was such an excellent student. Although they were both a little nervous when it came to their Deep Dive, they both conquered any fears and dove the El Aguila shipwreck and enjoyed the dive a lot.

Shaira & Sheena were also quite lucky that on the boat ride back from one of their dives, the boat encountered three sperm whales! They were breaching on the surface so it was a once in a lifetime unique opportunity to get to see these stunning animals up close. Sheena & Shira also decided they would continue their adventures by going on their very first night dive! It was complete with an octopus and a gorgeous display of the string of pearls, which is a unique form of bioluminescence. It was such a pleasure getting to know Shira & Sheena both in and out of the water. 

Well done Sheena & Shira!         

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