Monty did 3 PADI Specialties!

Congratulations to Monty for completing his Peak Performance Buoyancy, Enriched Air and Deep Diver specialties with Roatan Divers!

Monty is a PADI Rescue Diver and is interested in pursuing his PADI Master Scuba Diver rating. For this, he needs 50 dives, Rescue Diver rating and 5 Specialties, and since he already has the first two requirements down, some PADI Specialties were in order!

Monty completed Peak Performance Buoyancy as his first PADI Specialty, then completed his Enriched Air Diver and Deep Diver Specialties. He did great on all three of his specialties, and is now much closer to obtaining his PADI Master Scuba Diving rating!

Monty Specialties Roatan Divers

Great job, Monty!