Michael, Jack & Thomas are PADI Open Water Divers!

Congratulations to Michael, Jack, and Thomas for completing their PADI Open Water Diver course  through e-Learning with Roatan Divers!

open water course roatan divers

Michael, Jack and their cousin Thomas came down for their summer vacation and wanted to maximize their time here, so they completed all their theory back home via e-Learning allowing them to get into the water right away! They were naturals in the water from the start as they built up their confidence and skills in confined water. After they covered the essentials, it was time for them to go diving! On their dives they saw loads of marine life like sea turtles, blue tangs and large schools of fish. The guys did a great job on mastering all of their skills for the course and passed with flying colors. 

From there they joined Susie and Michael for some additional fun diving. The guys were interested in doing a Night Dive so they did it as an Adventure Dive so it counts as credit towards their PADI Advanced Open Water course. On the night dive they loved seeing all the different activity that takes place along with the captivating bioluminescence. In fact, they enjoyed their night dive so much, they went on a second one a few nights later! 

We enjoyed getting to know this family so much both in and out of the water and we look forward to hopefully having them back again in the future! Great work Thomas, Michael, and Jack! 

PADI open water elearner