Lucas & Aaron tried scuba diving!

Congratulations to Lucas and Aaron for completing their PADI Discover Scuba Diving program with Roatan Divers!

Lucas & Aaron were here in Roatan to celebrate the end of the school semester. Their father, Tom, dove with us in October when his girlfriend, Jen, did her Advanced Open Water course with us, and he was keen to bring the boys back to a place he loves. We were thrilled to hear Lucas and Aaron were also keen to give scuba diving a try! 

After we reviewed and prepared Lucas and Aaron on the essentials of diving, we did a practice run in the shallow waters of Half Moon Bay. From there, we went out on a beautiful Open Water Dive to Seaquest Shallow. Tom was able to join in with the boys and just do some fun diving. The conditions were wonderful, and in addition to the colorful fish, the guys also spotted a hawksbill turtle. They were naturals in the water and had amazing buoyancy for being so new to the sport. 

Aaron and Lucas had such a great time on their first dive that decided to do an additional dive while all the knowledge was fresh in their minds. This meant they could go out diving without repeating all the theory and skills practice, so it was just a lot of fun! They might even decide to pursue their full Open Water certification in the future. We sure hope they do, since they'd make excellent divers! 

Job well done, Lucas and Aaron! 

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