Lisa is a PADI Enriched Air Diver!

Congratulations to Lisa for completing her PADI Enriched Air Diver course with Roatan Divers!

PADI enriched air nitrox Roatan Divers

Lisa splits her time between Roatan and the U.S. so we love it when she's back for the month diving with us! She did her Advanced Open Water course with us previously and decided she wanted to be certified to dive on Nitrox. As an experienced diver, this was a great to continue her education. Lisa did a great job learning the theory behind Enriched Air, we walked her through adjusting her personal dive computer to Nitrox, and lastly we showed her how to analyze an Enriched Air tank. 

Now that she's Nitrox certified, Lisa is excited to visit The Odyssey ship wreck which is a dive site best done on Enriched Air. This wreck sits at a depth of 100ft/30m and is approximately 300ft/91m long. One of the biggest benefits of Nitrox is the extended bottom time you get. We can't wait to take Lisa out there and explore a new dive site!

Congratulations Lisa! Next stop...The Odyssey!