Kay and Kendall are PADI Open Water Divers!

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Congratulations to Kay and Kendall for completing their PADI Open Water Diver certifications with Roatan Divers!

Kay and Kendall both came to Roatan to complete their PADI Open Water Diver course through referral. They completed their theory and confined water work at their local dive centers, then came to Roatan for the fun stuff - the open water dives! Kay's husband, Randy, joined them on their open water dives as well.

Both Kay and Kendall were great in the water and loved diving so much that they both went fun diving after their course was done. Kendall completed her PADI Deep Adventure and Night Adventure dives while also adding some fun dives, while Kay enjoyed herself with a fun dive with Randy. 

We're so proud of Kay and Kendall, they worked so hard on their course and really grew in confidence as divers. We can't wait to see them both again some day!