Jonalyn & Dwayne tried scuba diving!

try scuba diving cruise ship Roatan Divers

Congratulations to Jonalyn and Dwayne for completing their PADI Discover Scuba Diving program with Roatan Divers!

Jonalyn and Dwayne were visiting for the day from a cruise ship. Unfortunately, their ship was super late to arrive (4 hours!) but we had a boat set aside just for them, so we were still able to do the DSD program with them and get an awesome dive in! Of course, it helped that Jonalyn and Dwayne were both comfortable in the water and breezed through their confined water skills like they had done it a million times before!

Jonalyn and Dwayne had a great dive, full of eagle rays, schools of fish and morays, and we are so glad that they could get this wonderful experience in while they were on Roatan. We're hoping to dive with them again some day, next time as certified divers!

Great job, guys!