Jerry is a PADI Rescue Diver!

Congratulations to Jerry for completing his PADI Rescue course through e-Learning with Roatan Divers! 

rescue diver course roatan honduras

Jerry is a repeat guest of ours that decided he wanted to increase his confidence both in and out of the water, and have quite a bit of fun along the way by doing his Rescue course! To save on time, he completed all the theory and knowledge components through e-Learning which allowed us to start with the in-water work. Jerry learned multiple scenarios for recognizing and assisting panicked or distressed divers. He practiced how to tow and retrieve unresponsive divers along with much more. After he got comfortable with practicing many of these skills in the shallow water, it was time to go out into Open Water and continue honing in his skills. Jerry did a great job and we really enjoyed seeing his perspective change as the Rescue course, really teaches you how to be more aware to stop a lot of potential negative scenarios from happening in the first place. 

For divers wondering what the Rescue course is for them, we tell them is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences. By the end of it you emerge and more confident diver and a better buddy to go diving with all around! Trying to decide if being a Rescue diver is for you? Check out this post we did on how being a Rescue Diver changes you

Great job Jerry! We're happy to have you as our Dive Buddy any day!