Jenn is a PADI Open Water Diver!

Congratulations to Jenn for completing her PADI Open Water Diver course with eLearning with Roatan Divers!

This is Jenn's second time to Roatan, and she wanted to finally get certified for her birthday since the snorkeling wasn't quite enough for her last time! She completed her eLearning prior to arrival so that she could jump into the water right away for the fun stuff. She did great on her course, breezing through her confined water skills and showing top notch buoyancy and air consumption on her open water dives. She saw loads of stuff during her dives, and got to finish her course with a fantastic dive at West End Wall.

Jenn is here for the next two weeks, so we're looking forward to getting loads more fun diving in with her. Great job, Jenn, we'll see you tomorrow for your first dive as a certified diver!

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