Jaron is a PADI Enriched Air Diver!

Congratulations to Jaron for completing his PADI Enriched Air Diver certification with Roatan Divers!

Jaron came to Roatan for a few days with the intention of diving our wrecks. While some wrecks, like El Aguila, are good both on air and on Nitrox because of smaller ship size and close proximity to the reef, you get more out of your experience using Enriched Air Nitrox on a dive like the Odyssey wreck. A larger wreck like the Odyssey can be appreciated better with the extended bottom time that Nitrox affords, and you still have time to slowly meander over to the reef before shallowing up as well.

Jaron had a great time diving both El Aguila and Odyssey wreck before heading to Utila for some whale shark hunting. Sadly, there were no whale sharks to be found, but we know they had a great time exploring our beautiful Bay Islands!

PADI Enriched AIr Nitrox Roatan Divers

Great job, Jaron!