Jack, Abby & Pete are PADI Open Water Divers!

Congratulations to Jack, Abby and Pete for completing their PADI Open Water Diver course with Roatan Divers!

Pete and Jack are friends who were here on a short holiday for the 4th of July and since they were short on time completed their Open Water course through eLearning, meaning they cut down on the amount of time they spent in the classroom. Abby came to us initially just interested in doing her Discover Scuba Dive to start with. She wasn't sure if the Open Water course was right for her, and this is the perfect way for her to try diving and lo and behold she was hooked! Abby put in the necessary classroom work and then all three of them were soon ready to begin the in-water work.  

Together they all spent time in shallow water, working to get comfortable with many of the necessary skills. It's always nice to have others in the course with you since you can learn a lot from the others and it makes it more enjoyable to have others going through the same new experience with you! Abby, Pete and Jack were dedicated, attentive students that were focused and excited to go diving. After building some confidence they were ready to head out for their Open Water Dives. 

On their dives they saw so much beautiful activity on the reef. From big schools of fish, to rays and lots more. Pete, Jack, and Abby were all here with friends who were certified divers so they were eager to be able to join their friends diving. After completing their Open Water course, Pete decided to do his Adventure Night dive with his friend Mike who just loves going on night dives. Abby also continued her education by doing an Adventure Deep dive to the Aguila shipwreck! 

Well done Jack, Pete & Abby! 

PADI Open water divers roatan