Halle is a PADI Enriched Air Diver!

Congratulations to Halle for completing her PADI Enriched Air Diver course with Roatan Divers!

Roatan Nitrox Enriched air course

On this trip, Halle had recently completed her Rescue course with Matthew, and was enjoying doing lots of fun diving with us. We had a special group traveling out to The Odyssey ship wreck, which we recommend diving on Enriched Air Nitrox to get longer bottom time on this large cargo ship. Halle wasn't yet certified to dive with Enriched Air Nitrox and decided she was ready to expand her knowledge! 

Halle like on her previous courses, was great on the theory and had a fun time putting her Enriched Air skills to use on her dive to this unique ship wreck! We're glad she had such a great time on this dive and get to see one of the unique wrecks Roatan has to offer. In fact, she loved her Enriched Air course so much, she started color coordinating her clothing to match the tank! 

Way to go Halle! We look forward to having her back this summer for her Divemaster