Ewan, Terence and Sebastian are PADI Open Water Divers!

get scuba certified Roatan Divers

Congratulations to Ewan, Terence and Sebastian for getting PADI Open Water Diver certified with Roatan Divers!

Ewan and Terence came to the island already planning on getting certified, while Sebastian decided to start his certification course after he arrived. The courses matched up well, so off we went!

All three guys aced their theory work and were great in the water. Terence had requested a south side dive site, Pirate's Cove, as a site of interest, and we happily were able to deliver! They also got to experience Octopus Acre, Willy's Wonder and Tabayana, all fantastic sites for training and for certified divers.

Ewan and Terence have continued fun diving after their course, while Sebastian is off on more adventures to the other Bay Islands. We're looking forward to seeing all their future diving adventures as certified divers!

Great job, guys!