Eric Tried Scuba Diving!

try scuba diving Roatan Divers

Congratulations to Eric for completing his PADI Discover Scuba Diving program with Roatan Divers!

Eric and his father Marcus were visiting Roatan for the day on a cruise ship and decided this was the perfect time to try out scuba diving. Marcus is already a certified diver, but he was able to easily join in while Eric went through his DSD program. Eric was an excellent student who paid close attention to all the diving theory and key concepts involved with diving. After the classroom, we got him familiar with scuba diving equipment before headed out into shallow, confined water. Eric had practiced clearing his mask back at home in the pool and his efforts showed! He was comfortable in the water from the beginning and was soon blowing bubbles and clearing his mask like a pro. After practicing a few other key skills, it was time to go diving! 

On our open water dive to Willy's Wonder, we saw big schools of blue wrasse, groupers and grunts. Eric did a great job on his buoyancy for a first time diver and he had fun pretending he was diving like he was Superman! Marcus had fun taking underwater photos and was so proud of what a great job Eric did on his first dive. Same goes for us. Eric seemed to enjoy diving so much, he might want to start his Open Water certification!

Great work Eric!