Jose Carlos, Carlos & Josue Tried Scuba Diving

Congratulations to Carlos, Josue and Jose Carlos for completing their PADI Discover Scuba Diving program with Roatan Divers!

We were happy to have this family from Guatemala here visiting us on Roatan. All of them were interested in trying diving so with the help of two of our instructors we began preparing them to go diving! We started off in the classroom by teaching everyone the most important concepts for scuba diving. Then they learned how all of the diving equipment works before we headed to the shallow waters of Half Moon Bay. Evelyn, Araceli, and Selvin were pretty nervous but they practiced along with the others some of the key underwater skills you must be familiar with before safely going diving. Many in this family had never even been snorkeling before so this was a big introduction for them into the ocean.

By the time we went diving in Open Water only Carlos, Josue, and Jose Carlos were ready to take the plunge, but Evelyn, Araceli, and Selvin joined out on the boat for some snorkeling. On their dive they saw many beautiful marine life like a majestic Stingray, the elusive african pompano, plus permits and loads more. We were so proud of these guys going out of their comfort zone to try something so new to them! We hope to have them back again one day to continue their underwater adventures on the reef! 

Well done Carlos, Josue & Jose Carlos! 

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