Bruce, Peter and Andrew are PADI Discover Scuba Divers!

try scuba diving Roatan

Congratulations to Bruce, Peter and Andrew for completing their PADI Discover Scuba Diving program with Roatan Divers!

The family was staying at The Beach House for a week and were eager to try diving, but also had loads of other island activities on their wish list. The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program was the perfect way to experience our beautiful reef without taking up too much vacation time.

Their certified father, Bruce, had not been diving in some time so he took advantage of this opportunity to refresh his skills alongside his sons. After a very thorough briefing from their instructor, they practiced some essential scuba skills in the shallow water. Now the family was ready to go out on an open water dive to Seaquest Shallow!

Bruce, Peter, and Andrew were comfortable in the water right away and were so excited to see loads of angel fish, parrotfish and damselfish on the reef. They all had such a great experience that they came back two days later for an additional dive to Turtle Crossing, where the site lived up to its name and they got to end their dive with a juvenile hawksbill turtle.

Great work, guys!