Roatan Divers Sandy Bay Joins Go Blue Bay Islands

Roatan Divers West End has been an enthusiastic member of Go Blue Bay Islands for the last three years. We love the passion that Roatan’s Go Blue representative, Manlio, has for the Bay Islands and for the betterment of the community and environment. So when we started Roatan Divers Sandy Bay, we of course had to invite Manlio in for a visit so that we could join the Go Blue movement up there, too!

Manlio visited Roatan Divers Sandy Bay and checked out things like our electrical and water usage, our conservation initiatives, and spoke with our staff to assess their approach to responsible tourism and scuba diving. After the inspection, we received our first Sustainable Tourism Best Practices Report, which was filled with things that we aced and things that we can improve on. We’re looking forward to putting these things into action!

Some initiatives we will be taking on at Roatan Divers Sandy Bay will be:

-scheduled beach clean-ups with staff and Divemaster Trainees
-increasing our sales inventory to include Aegis reef friendly sunscreen and bug sprays, which we have available in West End but not currently in Sandy Bay
-more signage about responsible scuba diving and tourism practices
-environmental training sessions with each new employee
-finding new biodegradable cleaning supplies

We’re looking forward to our continued close relationship with Go Blue and to find new ways to contribute to the Bay Islands. Make sure to check out Go Blue’s fantastic website and see what other businesses are on there! Go Blue Bay Islands promotes local businesses in the Bay Islands that focus on responsible tourism, and that adhere to Go Blue’s environmental inspection standards. It’s a voice you can trust and feel good about!