3 Cool Facts about Spotted Eagle Rays

3 Cool Facts about Spotted Eagle Rays

Diving is amazing on Roatan no matter what time of year, but let’s be honest, we all really look forward to eagle ray season. Nothing can make a dive like seeing a spotted eagle ray (or three!) glide gently along the reef, or watching them dig through the sand with their noses for food. We know you already like these cool creatures, but to make you fall even more in love with them, here are 3 Cool Facts about spotted eagle rays!

Top 5 Tips Before You Visit Roatan

Congratulations, you’re almost on your way to our beautiful island! As a responsible tourism operator, we endeavor to keep Roatan as beautiful as when we first got here. You can help!

With Go Blue Bay Islands’ help, we’ve put together our Top 5 Tips before you visit Roatan.

Bay Islands Lionfish Spearing License

As a marine reserve, it's illegal to spearfish in the Roatan Marine Park. Lionfish are the exception, since they have no natural predators in the Americas and their venomous spines provide a strong defense against potential predators.

Should I buy a Roatan Marine Park yearly bracelet?

Short answer: Yes. Yes you should.


Oh, you wanted a long answer? Read on!