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The term “customer service” I believe has fundamentally changed in our world today, but this dive shop is an exception. They were absolutely amazing, and when (not if) I return to Roatan I wouldn’t dream of using any other group.
— by peteremmons, visited July 2017
“Their staff divers are very knowledgeable and friendly, their boats are very well maintained, and the entire process is so curated it’s extremely easy for customer divers to plan and enjoy their dives to the fullest extent. It’s hard to overstate the quality of their service.”
— by sergicg, visited November 2017
“The detail the staff put into our training was amazing. They were always positive and full on energy... this is the vibe the entire place and every employee. Every member of this team was willing to help us out and they were quick to answer questions and if one didn’t know they would ask each other... truly a great team!”
— by Mark W, visited July 2017
“We are so happy that we found this little jewel, Roatan Divers. It really was more than what we expected and cannot imagine to have gotten the same experience with some other company. We can’t wait to come back and dive with them again. Don’t search any further, Roatan Divers is the BEST!!!!”
— by Illiana P, visited November 2017
“In choosing Roatan Divers, I had previously carried out extensive research on all the ‘leading’ dive centres on the island - Roatan Divers surpassed all the other Dive Centres and very easily secured 1st place!”
— by BernadineFernz, visited September 2017
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